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Aromatique Essential & Perfume Oils Aromatherapy Chakra Crown Balancing Oils

Welcome  to Aromatique
We specialise in Premium Grade Perfume Oils blended here in Liverpool (UK)  for fragrancing and the finest Essential Oils available for therapeutic and also fragrancing uses.

New Year = New Business - New Product - New Start

We are here to help, whether you are a "Start-Up", existing business, or just at the idea stage. If you have a product that needs fomulating, packing, filling or you are starting from scratch, get in touch. Aromatique has the technical expertise and is backed by it's parent company Alvin Connor Ltd with a full filling and packaging factory in Speke, Liverpool.
If you fancy an informal chat without any obligation, book in for a call from our account manager, just call 0151 448 0368 (office hours) or email us EMAIL




Aromatique Essential & Perfume Oils Crown Chakra Oils

Our 100% Guarantee on Product Performance 

What do we do and why we do it? 

  • We carry the finest perfume and essential oils available, with us quality is our prority. .
  • We manufacture high performance skin and hair products to help repair, restore and maintain your hair and skin at optimum condition ... naturaly.  

We use "Blend Numbers"  to describe our personal care products, why?  We decided on blend numbers rather than names for some of our products, the last thing you want on your bathroom shelf is a pot telling the world you have spotty skin or you are concerned about hair loss.

All our products have a “Life story” - someone came to us who needed help...
Our children’s issues were included; Nitty Nora hair oil was designed when the kids came home with nits from school . As they got older,  Blend 000, when they came home spotty and depressed. When one of us lost her mother, the shock and stress caused her hair to fall out, so along came Blend 112 hair oil.  It was designed originally in 2008 and we have since produced hair butter too.

When our 40’s & 50’s came, so did Blend 999... It was designed to combat the ageing process and to help repair the damage we had done to our skin over the years, too much sun, partying, smoking, stress and lack of maintenance, children and sleepless nights all took their tole.
Goddess was a spin off from Blend999 when our younger members wanted something similar to be used earlier to help reduce the damage and optimise their skin’s condition.

Wobbly bits, Scars & Crêpe Neck Recently we have invented a new body product Blend 817, wobbly bits, crêpe skin, scars and damage, it’s already got a fan base and we love it. It’s basically a combination of Blend 999 and our Detox & Anti Cellulite blend BT317; it plumps up the skin while it starts to work on the damage.

Every product we produce contains the finest pure and natural ingredients we can find which are cruelty free and ethically sourced. We couple this with our extensive expertise (even if I do say so myself, we know our stuff) and we believe our products will stand alongside any of the high street brands on performance. The only differences being, ours are affordable and without any nasties and if you believe in the vibration and energy laws, our products are handmade with love freshly to every order; we know that makes a difference.

Trade Retail Crafter Starter Oil Kit

We also do "Own label"

You can see our clients " Rhi's Remedies" bottle pictured. Rhi has created a business to help her support herself through University. She picked the products she wanted to sell and we label them for her.
Fancy our products in your label? If you are interested in own label, please get in touch. We don't charge any extra, we just have a minimum order quantity of six products per label.

Our Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products are tested on humans

Aromatique Essential & Perfume Oils
      High Performance Cruelty Free
           Ethically Sourced Oils
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